Propagation – Pregnancy


Propagation – Pregnancy



Sexually mature and adult.

A hangover is so sexually mature around 8 months, a cat may already be around 5 months kale and is sexually mature.

The ordinary house cat is like that one and a half years old is mature, at the pedigree cats (Cat, Siberian forest cat, Norwegian Forest Cat) can this even if they are 4 years old.


In the first phase (which is about 5 days) of the heat-of-the-cat the cat very affectionate, if your hair strokes at the end of the back at the tail will do her butt up and with her back legs make a kicking motion without of the place to go.

During the heat-of-the-cat, the cat often hard to Meow and runs them restless by the House looking for an exit to the outside, also rolling them often over the ground.

By the cries, they know that they have a Kale, they are already in the third stage of the period (this is period of willingness to pairs, which takes about 1 week).

If there is no mating takes place, starting the third phase (metoestrus).

The reproductive organs come to rest, as the fourth stage is reached (anoestrus).

After this period the kitty back satisfied and quiet, this period lasts for about 1 week.

Are you thinking about staying at each cat, the heat-of-the-cat is different, this can all happen when they are about around 5 months old.

The heat-of-the-cat can have 3 weeks, the periods of the heat-of-the-cat are: at the end of the winter time until early in the spring and then from late spring to early summer.

A cat is on average 2 to 3 times a year Kale, some cats who are going through their smell spraying Kamal to indicate that they are sexually mature.

There is also ‘ heat-of-the-cat ‘ ‘ quiet ‘, this means that the cat low or minimal behavioral change shows (they are, however, fertility).


What’s going on if the cat is pregnant:

The first day

During the coverage picks up the hangover the cat at her neck with his teeth, by this Act, he can easily cover the cat.

Ovulation (ovulation) will take place up to 24 hours after the cover, because ovulation after the mating takes place it is possible that a cat that is covered by more than a hangover a litter throws from multiple fathers.

The 2-3the day

The public release of the fertilized eggs from the ovaries to the uterus (ovulation).

The sperm reach the egg cells and fertilization takes place.

The 4-6the day

The fertilized eggs put their way on the uterus, during this road begin the embryos to form.

The 12 – 14the day

The embryos implant in the uterus, the biggest danger for a miscarriage by stress is now gone.

The 12-28th day

The cat can now suffer from morning sickness, this is due to the hormonal changes in her body and the augmentation of her uterus.

The Kitty will now also seem more tired and they will be less play with other cats.

The cat may now several times a day with small additional snacks spoils are to the fatigue.

Has the cat suffer from the increasing uterus then the vet can prescribe extra vitamins.

The 26th – 30th day

An experienced person (veterinarian or breeder) can feel or by an ultrasound to determine whether the cat really is pregnant.

It is now the best time to do this because the embryos are only as large as a walnut and therefore easier to count

The 29th day

Can you take the power for the cat to slowly change to a more more nutritious sort of like e.g. Kitten nutrition, but do not change the brand of power supply.

Make sure that the cat not undernourished, this can give difficulties in childbirth.

The fetuses are now about 25 to 30 mm in size, and fully developed as miniature kittens.

The 35th day

The belly of the female is now remarkably thicker.

The 45th day

You should now the kittens in the abdomen may feel, but counting is very difficult.

The 50th day

The cat can lose her appetite, her uterus is now very big and filled with kittens.

It is best to feed small amounts her now, do this several times a day.

By the big belly has the cat trouble to wash themselves, you will have to help her through the nipples and the bottom to keep clean, was the cat with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

You will now be able to feel the first movements of the kittens easier in the abdomen.

The 61St day

There can now milk from the nipples begin to flow.

The 62 St day

The temperature of the cat can begin to change and they will look for a quiet place to give birth.

The 65th day

Giving birth will most probably take place today, the temperature of the Kitty will decrease Celsius from 38.5 to 37.5 .

Before delivery the female cat will lose some pee clear blood.