Propagation – Mating


Propagation – Mating



The sexual behavior in cats begins in puberty, in this period, with the eggs produced in the ovaries and sperm in the males.

The females and the males secrete sex hormones will now also go.

At the cats it depends on the breed and seasons and what they eat, but puberty begins just about between the 3 and the 18 month.

The cats are approximately between 3 and 9the month the adult, with the males it is when they are about 7 to 12 months old.

The mating season:

Females are on average two to three times a year Kale, but this can be done by cat breed is different: some cats can throughout the year or every two weeks Kamal, while other just once a year kale.

The heat of usually occurs between January and April, but also between June and September, this is because the hormonal cycle depends on the number of daylight hours, therefore a cat rarely kalkar between October and December.

The cats that often are in well-lit houses, will be Kale all year.

The cycle takes about two weeks.

During the cycle is the cat, however, only two to four days fruitful.

In this period the female cat will make clear that they Kale is by shouting to potential mating candidates.

During this period can also go a cat urine spraying to attract attention of the hangovers.

The hangover can answer this call, after which they know from each other that there is approval from both sides.

Kamal behavior:

A cat that Kale is is going to be totally different, usually runs the Kitty restless around, loses her appetite and she urinates more frequently than normal.

Let them hear a monotonous call constantly, sometimes for hours.

Cats that are interior life will often sit in front of the window and then let their feelings.

In this period the prosocial puss is very affectionate, constantly along the cat iron objects and the people along their legs.

She also rolls on the ground and let a plaintive meows.

If the cat slightly touched on the back takes them like a squat position, stroke you cat just above the tail then strengthens the few attitude even more.

Cats with this behavior will no doubt attract many males in the neighborhood, this is due to the combination of the urine smell (discharge from the vagina) and the sounds she makes.

Males that are on the lover’s Lane will definitely respond to the cries of the cat and increase prosocial her State of excitement by being present (their fragrance brands and the sprayed urine around).

A female cat is at multiple males near certainly not narrow-minded.

During this period the males will often fighting each other, which again involve much screeching.

The winner of the Brawl will not always be by the prosocial cat recognizes.

A prosocial PAL can several times couples, sometimes as many as ten times per hour, the cat usually goes on until the hangover has become exhausted.

It can always be that a prosocial PAL by multiple males is covered.


Cats that do not know each other or on unknown territory can make the Court each other for hours before they proceed to the mating.

While proposals for the hangover is important that he the benevolence of the cat well, if he does not do this he runs big chance that the cat is attacking him.

The hangover will first target the genitals of the female cat and this may include the hangover then makes special sounds (where opens its mouth to smell the hangover on catch)

At the mating bite the hangover the cat in the neck and ejaculates soon after his penis into the vagina.

The tip of the penis is covered with barbs that stimulate ovulation.

A female cat can several times a day hangover and couple, a female cat can also be fertilized by more than a hangover.

A nest with kittens can then also from different males.