Propagation – Giving Birth


Propagation – Giving Birth


Giving Birth.

How we can notice that the cat is going to give birth?

This is different for each cat.

Some features are:

Aiguillette urge, different spots look up and dig in the whelping box.

Extremely affectionate behavior and literally on your feet.

You call out.

Decreased appetite.

A decrease of the abdomen (kittens fall in).

With increased regularity to the litter box, many small pools, presses and extensive digging.

They lose of the mucus plug (this is not a real prop, more mucus threads with a pale pink color of some blood).

The front induce, slight twitching of the abdomen (often spider mites, milking or meow a little bit).

When the birth approaches, the female cat looking for a quiet spot to be able to give birth.

An impending birth of the cat is not always noticed by the owners and so it can be short for a surprise is if there is one in a litter with kittens in your bed or linen closet is present.

Some PAL like if their caregivers in their childbirth; the cat may even stop ingots of the kittens if you leave the nursery.

It is advisable to remove any food when the Kitty makes a apply to go give birth, this to prevent any problems if you need help with the cat giving birth to the kittens.

After the birth of the last kitten can you put down the feed again.

Sometimes there are in the access phase under the tight thence abdominal wall all to feel contractions so (contractions of the uterus).

Take this cervical dilation average twelve hours.

They float slowly to the cervix, the kittens who are at the beginning of the birth canal.

The cervix gradually opens up to the kitten there to pass through, this is the so called unlocking.

The mucus plug that is released, now has an amber to greenish color and can sometimes contain some blood mucous substance.

This prop is odorless and completely normal, there is no inflammation or a dead fruit.

For the cat is calm essential to the usual course of throwing the kittens.

The presence of the owner can give the cat a reassuring feeling, it feels entrusts to.

The cat may have an accelerated during the opening up breathing (also called gasp behavior).

The best you can the cat every now and then some drinks.

The beginning of the extrusion process is the time when the cat starts to squeeze (this means that a kitten by the cervix in the birth canal is driven).

The induction be raised if a kitten the cervix is passed, the pressing consists of the powerful contraction of the abdominal muscles.

As a result, the pressure in the abdominal cavity arises, makes sure that the kitten is pushed outward.

Because the birth canal should be expanded, the birth of the first kitten takes a lot of time to complete.

The size and location of the kittens also play a role in the progress and speed of the birth.

Regardless of the order the birth it takes to always longer to get the kitten out to squeeze.

After that the first kitten born is, it takes an average of three mouse trainer for the following.

Sometimes it can sometimes take longer between the birth of the kittens but this doesn’t have to be worrying as long as the cat there quietly at and not constantly presses.

The prolonged pressing of the Kitty without a kitten born may indicate a different location of a kitten, don’t let this take longer than half an hour.

It may be that there is something wrong and it is wise to consult the veterinarian.

There may be a induction weakness when the Queen two to three hours after the birth of the last kitten hardly or not at all more squeezes, while presumably still kittens in the uterus.

The veterinarian will in that case with an injection the contractions so going again.

If a kitten is born, the Queen will itself provide postnatal care, sometimes that you lend a hand here should help.

The kittens come in the world in the fruit membrane in which they have sat in the uterus, the Queen bites itself the membranes broke down.

If you see that the Queen does not do this, you must destroy them by hand.

Outside the womb the kittens by the lack of oxygen will choke on the membranes.

The kitten is still with the umbilical cord attached to the placenta, normally when the Queen the umbilical cord so that the kitten los comes from the afterbirth and can go find a nipple.

It is very important that the placenta comes along with the birth of the kitten.

There should have as much be born as placentas kittens, left behind pieces may cause an inflammation.

Normally eat the Queen the placentas on, it might look disgusting but it is very natural.

The placentas are high in nutrients, including important substances for the milk yield.

Make sure the Queen not all eat placentas, but a piece or 2 a 3 won’t hurt.

If you have the Queen more placentas let eat up becomes too much of a good thing and can they experience diarrhea.