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Medical Parasites



Proper care of your cat requires some getting more attention than just delicious Combs, change the litter box, cozy play and the cat petting.

Cats can severely affected by parasites, fleas can make for a lot of itching and ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease.

In addition to the infection with external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, cats can also suffer from the internal Para tits, think of worms or microbes.

The internal parasites are not only a risk for the cat but also can be transferred to humans, it is therefore very important to treat your cat against all unwanted guests.

Cats that live in a rural area have often prone to parasites than cats that live in the city.


Fleas are tiny parasites that feed on blood of their host Mr.

They cause itching and can ingest tapeworm.

Flea control is very important but not only on the cat, but also in its environment such as the favorite resting place.

Remember: fleas lay their eggs on the cat, which then fall of the coat.

This makes the eggs anywhere in the House where the cat settled, but especially on warm and dark spots, develop here the eggs turned to fleas.

There are several remedies to combat these critters, from flea collars, droplets in the neck to special sprays and powders.

This anti-flea remedies sale you just in the pet store.


Cats can suffer from different types of worms, the most famous are: the tapeworm and roundworm.

The tapeworm can cause diarrhea.

When your cat is infected with tapeworm, you can show around his anus and on his berth sometimes small pieces of the worm that look very similar to grains of rice.

If you see that de-worming and de-fleas are necessary, the tapeworm is result from swallowing fleas.

Kittens have usually suffered from roundworms.

An infected kitten has often suffered from a swollen tummy, diarrhea and retarded growth.

Kittens can get you the best worming at the age of 4 to 8 weeks and this then repeating every two months until they are about half a year old.

Also the Queen should then be de-wormed at the same time as they are still suckles her kittens.

After this first stage of life can be the best cats wormed twice a year.

This can be applied to various ways, with oral tablets, pastes or both; you have to look carefully to the weight of your cat for the dosage of the medication.


Ticks are small, spider-like parasites with eight legs, they feed on blood of their host (this can be a man or an animal).

They start very small and are difficult to see, then sucking they feel so full of bored that they do have five to ten times their original size.

If the tick on its original size, is sees that out as a small spider with a large dark gray bulb on its back.

Cats usually get infected by in the dense Bush, the forest or the long grass to run.

Ticks can also transmit diseases in addition to skin irritation, such as Lyme disease (especially character in countries around the Mediterranean Sea are often carry the virus, but also in our region the cat can become infected).

The blood meal from a tick takes about a week, if the animal is completely full of blood has sucked he let itself fall.

The shorter the tick on the cat is, the smaller the chance of infection.

The best you can so your cat regularly control on sign and remove the tick with a special character tang, using a circular motion do you get the tick of the cat.

Also, you can fight with a preventive sign custom spray.


Flies are attracted by an open wound and by the smell of diarrhea.

As a wound in the cat bad cared for can develop and go eat maggots of the wound.

The maggots eat his way in the cat which release toxins, by these substances can get the cat blood poisoning.

If you maggots in a wound found in the cat, it is important that you go directly to the veterinarian for treatment.


Bronchitis can sometimes be caused by parasitic bacterium.

The cat has no bronchitis of the bacterium itself but of some mutations of this bacterium.

Symptoms of bronchitis are a runny nose and watery eyes, the cat may then also start sneezing and coughing.

The disease is in most cases just about, only in young kittens and older cats the disease can persist because they have less resistance.

The bronchitis is good to EUR 244.6 million with antibiotics.


Lice come in cats not often; you see it really only in cats that are in very bad condition.

A cat with lice has by the many crabs an increase to skin scabs.

There are three types of lice which a blood-sucking species and two corrosive species.

The lice are easily seen with the naked eye and the eggs and nits stick to the hairs of the cat.

Lice are to combat with a flea product.


Toxoplasmosis is a bacterial parasite that occurs in the cat, cats can carry this parasite without getting sick of.

Only kittens can get older and weaker and pleura inflammation of cats may experience their food system.

Toxoplasmosis is contagious to humans and very dangerous for pregnant women (this can lead to a spontaneous abortion).

The bacteria are transmitted through the stool of the cat.

It is therefore important to clean the litter box with rubber gloves on and to raw fruit wash well if you own vegetable plot (cats can do their defecation here).

Once you’re infected with toxoplasmosis are you for the rest of your life resistant.

Many cat owners have this infection during their lifetime already.