Medical – Illness – Worms


Medical – Illness – Worms



The most common internal parasite in cats are undoubtedly worms whose coil-& tapeworm that t to include the most common around the ‘ worms ‘.

Roundworms in cats:

There are a number of reasons why your cat is infected can hit with the roundworms.

The infection of the roundworms often place or directly in the uterus after birth through breast milk.

Also between hosts can infect your cat.

Between hosts can be:

Fleas, prey animals (birds, mice) but also by excrement’s of another animal (for example, a worm’s eggs can survive in the soil very long).

There is always a big chance that your cat can become infected with such a parasite and that is why it is important to de-worm your cat regularly (adult animals up to 4 times per year).

Consider, however, that the resource that you used both the fight against rinsing and tapeworms.

Tapeworms in cats:

The infection of a tapeworm shall be performed only by a ‘ between host ‘ such as mice, birds, fleas and feces.

The tapeworm which takes its name from its long flat shape consists of a head, neck and a body consisting of links exists.

By now and then to let go of what links are the tapeworm infected ‘ host ‘ over and over again and also go there eggs with the stool which in doing so again a source of infection to other cats.

Also for the Ribbon worms again, the infection risk is high and regular de-worming is actually the only solution.


Dull coat,

Sometimes coughing,

Bloody diarrhea,

White pieces of worm that to the anus,

Whole or pieces of worm in vomit or stool,

If you see pain to abdomen or lift the cat.


There are several worms, cats are most frequently infected with the coil-, Ribbon, crochet or whip worms.

For all these types are intestinal worm means sold, examples are Stronghold, Panacur, Drontal Flubenol Vitaminthe Milbemax, and.

Some of these combat only certain worm species, other tackle again all worm species.