Medical – Illness – Tick byte


Medical – Illness – Tick byte


Tick byte:

A tick (a small bloodsucking insect) is annoying because he, among others, the Lyme disease and biosynthesis can cause life-threatening illness.

Ticks are eight-legged parasites; they are common in groves and bushes.

They live on blood that they suck up in people and animals.

The chance to have a tick bite on to run is greatest in the spring and in the summer.

Ticks bite symptoms:

When a tick bite on a cat is perched itself stuck in the skin, then start the blood-sucking.

After this nasty bite you may experience the following symptoms:

Piece of bitten skin may become swollen and red,

There may be a red circle created around the bitten skin,

Odd colored urine,


Difficulty walking,



Decreased appetite,

Sometimes much drinking and urination.

Is a tick bite dangerous?

Through a tick bite can cats get infected with dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease or Biosynthesis.

Check your cat’s fur therefore prefer daily on sign, especially in spring and summer.

CAT has a tick bite, what now?

Grab a mark pliers and twist the tick, to gently,

Verify that no piece tick is retarded, if it does pull this out with tweezers,

Disinfect the bit of skin with alcohol,

Take a picture of the bitten bit of skin and note on what day the cat is bitten,

Check the skin 3 weeks long,

Has your cat suffer from the previously mentioned symptoms, or if you have multiple sign found in your cat go directly to your vet.

Tick bite appearance:

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