Medical – Illness – Sneeze illness


Medical – Illness – Sneeze illness


Sneeze illness

How do you cat gets sneeze illness:

If a cat has, it is as if URI who have colds, the disease is caused by viruses and bacteria.

Cats infect one another with the disease.

Cats with URI sneezes and so he spreads the disease germs through the air, breathe it in and the other cats so they will be infected.

Infection takes place mostly in places where many cats get together; think here to a cats Guest House and shelters.

Only a small percentage remains chronically have a cold or get a sometimes lethal pneumonia as a complication.

Symptoms of flu,

A cat that sneeze disease can suffer from:


Inflamed eyes,

Snotty nose,

Reduced drinking and appetite.

At a later stage, a cat can also experience:



Eye inflammation with many eye outcomes,

No more food and drink,

Blisters at the tongue.


URI usually takes 10 to 14 days; there are no medications to control the disease.

You must have your cat closely.

The cat must:

Keep eating and drinking,

No body temperature of above 41 degrees,

Snot and eye fluid should be bright in color.

This is not the case, please contact your veterinarian.

This disease can otherwise tedious forms.

Sneeze disease prevention: prevent your cat gets sick!

The cat can be protected through an annual vaccination.