Medical – Illness – Scabies


Medical – Illness – Scabies



Cats can suffer from ordinary and demode x scab.

Ordinary scabies:

The ordinary Scabies is caused by a different kind of mite than the Demode x mite, namely by Sarcoptes Scabies.

Scabies manifests itself in intense itching that often starts at the head and can extend itself over the whole body.

It is fortunately not common in Netherlands; it’ll be much in Mediterranean countries and in other parts of the world such as Asia and South America.

The notoedres cati mite caused ordinary scabies in cats.

Cats infect each other often with this mite.

The symptoms of ordinary scabies in cats are:

Scratching at elbows, belly and ears,

Fur loss on the spots where scratched is,

Flakes and crusts and Red bumps on the skin.

Demode x Mange:

Demode x scab is rare in cats, this mite is almost always in dogs for.

Yet a cat infected with this mite.

The symptoms of demode x scab in cats are:

Bald spots on head and neck,

Bald spots around eyes and mouth.

In some extreme cases the skin also:

Crusts and redness,

Flaking, ignite and fester,

Itching, only at a violent inflammation, otherwise not!

Scabies treatment:

Scabies is easy to treat, often writes the vet special shampoo for which the affected places should be washed. At extreme nutritional supplements prescribed a course of antibiotics and infections.