Medical – Illness – Kidney


Medical – Illness – Kidney


Kidney problems:

If the kidneys of cats will no longer be able to exercise the normal kidney function we speak of kidney failure in cats.

The kidneys are especially important as yet and excretory organs, but also in the production of the red blood cells they play a role and, of course, with the water and minerals (the maintenance of blood pressure and regulate the electrolytes balance sheet).

Kidney failure is most common in older cats (cats that 12 years and older).

With the older cats was kidney failure due to some kind of fibrous tissue of the kidney, where the functional kidney tissue is replaced by “scar tissue” (this is also known as chronic interstitial nephritis (CIN) or shrink kidney).

Kidney failure may also occur as a result of a (acute) kidney inflammation, severe dehydration, a blockage of the urinary tract, (severe) heart conditions, poisonings, cysts in the kidney, tumors in the kidneys etc.

Usually you don’t notice that your cat has a kidney problem, once symptoms are there is often already irreversible damage.

Causes of kidney problems,

Kidney problems can be caused by wear and tear, these include:

Often little drink,

Enter food that is high in salts,

Often urine,

Often suffer from bladder infection, bladder stones or bladder stones.

All this causes the kidneys wear out, kidney problems can also be caused by:

Kidney tumors and kidney cysts,

Kidney inflammation or kidney abnormality,

Eating a poisonous flower (Lily) or plant,

Instance, some cat breeds have predisposition to kidney problems.

Symptoms kidney problems:

If a cat has kidney problems may experience the following symptoms:


Striking more drinking,

From the mouth stink,



Dry Out,


Arid and wiry coat.

Treatment kidney problems:

Once kidney damage is this may not be restored.

The treatment will often focus on harm reduction, usually diet food or medications prescribed.

The cat should also be checked regularly, the cost for the veterinarian and medication can go.

To reduce the risk of kidney problems:

These tips could help prevent kidney problems:

Drink a lot,

Like a cat drinking too little can dry out, dehydration can cause kidney problems.

Therefore, make sure that your cat always enough can drink, place any remaining water bowls in house with fresh water.

Good nutrition,

Cats that eat only dry food, are more likely to have kidney problems because dry food is harmful to the kidneys (dry food contains too little water).

It is better to cats fresh or canned food, the risk of kidney problems can be reduces by a cat from a young age to enter with high-quality protein.

The least possible pee cease,

The urine is often bad for the kidneys, this allows the waste does not leave the body and this can then also bladder stones.

Wise to multiple litter boxes at home, so can the cat always pee in that vicinity at that time.

Cats can their pee also stop because they find the cats gravel stink, so regular cleaning is required.

Annual checkup at the vet,

Kidney problems are frequent in cats, you should consider a cat after the age of 8 years and have it checked every year.

The veterinarian may via x-ray examination, blood and urine tests to determine the State of kidney function.