Medical – Illness – Giardia


Medical – Illness – Giardia



What causes giardia?

Giardia is a common digestive parasite.

Cats can become infected when they eat something where giardia eggs in appearance (this includes eating feces of an infected animal or drinking water where the eggs come in for).

When the eggs are swallowed once they come out in the body of the cat, here the parasites cling to the intestinal wall and suck blood.

Giardia in cats may be associated with the following symptoms:

Drops of blood in diarrhea,

Mucous diarrhea,

Throw Up.

The treatment: giardia:

Medications where giardia with Panacur, Protexin and Metrazol, for example, are healed, the drugs should often be used a few days.

In addition, hygiene is also important in the treatment of the cat, the House must be well cleaned to prevent reinfection.

The giardia eggs and larvae can still be present in your home, food and drink containers also make good clean with boiled water.

The cat basket also serves well cleaned.

If the diarrhea of the cat about is was then finally your cat, the eggs and larvae can still be present in the coat.


With good hygiene can prevent a giardia infection, make sure the litter box and cat basket regularly cleaned word (do this also with food and drink containers).