Medical – Illness – Eye Inflammation


Medical – Illness – Eye Inflammation


Eye Inflammation:

Bacteria and viruses that cause an eye infection can end up in the eye, think also of blades of grass pollen, or dust.

The most common form is an inflammation of the lining.

Mucociliary eye inflammation is one of the symptoms in cats with the URI.

If an eye infection is not treated, it can permanently damage the eye of your cat.

A very slight inflammation will in some cases without saying.

Another form of eye infection is an inflammation of the iris, this inflammation can be caused by injury, for example by fighting with another cat, a different immune system or in some cases cancer.

Eye infection: symptoms

If a cat has an eye inflammation, you will see this to the following symptoms:

Many tears,

Scratching at the eyes,

Mucociliary look red and swollen from,

White or yellow/green eye outcome,

Eyes are often clenched.


You can try to flush out the eyes with cold water defection.

If symptoms do not reduce within a few days then go to your family doctor.

Often the eye inflammation with an ointment or antibiotics is fixed.