Medical – Illness – Ear mites


Medical – Illness – Ear mites


Ear mites:

Ear mites are small spider-like parasites; they are brown in color and the size of a pinhead.

The ear mites like to live on hot spots like ears; here they live of ear wax, skin flakes and ear fluid.

Infect each other animals with ear mites, so can be infected by a dog a cat and kittens in the litter are often infected by their mother.

At an infection we often see a black grain that closely resembles ground coffee.

Ear mites can multiply rapidly.

Symptoms ear mite infestation:

Cats with ear mites often experience the following symptoms:

Crabs to ear,

Red-brown-collared ear wax,

Dirty scented ear,

Often shaking with the head,

In and outer ear wounds.


For removal of ear mite exist medicines, these are often ointments or drops where select-in in it.

The cat should be treated here 2 to 4 weeks.

Try never clean the ears with cotton swab, this allows you to cause an ear infection.

It is also important to the environment free of ear mites, the mites, larvae and eggs can still be present in the House.

But especially the cat basket, food and drink containers.

If the veterinarian:

Ear mites can cause an ear infection, here a cat well sick of be.

If a cat does not eat or drink for more than 2 days then go directly to your vet.