Medical – Illness – Ear Infection


Medical – Illness – Ear Infection


Ear Infection:

How does ear infection:

In the ear of the cat life multiple microorganisms next to each other, these are in addition to the normal bacteria that live on the skin of all living creatures, yeast and also called fungi.

An ear mite is actually almost always the culprit with ear infection.

Infect each other animals with ear mites, so can be infected by a dog a cat and kittens in the litter are often infected by their mother.

An ear infection can also be caused by foreign objects in the ear, like a blade of grass.

With ear infection is this balance; one or more of the micro-organisms has gained the upper hand and is going to proliferate.

The imbalance can ear mite infection, among other raise after you can see this especially in young animals.

By the imbalance produces the animal more ear wax, which so again a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

The micro-organisms can now engulf the entire ear and this is referred to as an infection that is accompanied by inflammation.

Initially, only the outer ear (the external ear) affected but it can also lead to a middle ear infection or even meningitis.

An ear infection at least gives a lot of discomfort, and can also lead to serious complications such as deafness or brain symptoms.

Symptoms of ear infection:

A cat with ear infection often exhibits the following symptoms:

A lot of shaking with the head,

Often scratching at ear,

Much ear wax and sometimes dark brown ear wax,

Dirty smelling ear,

Inflamed outer ear, with wounds.

In extreme cases, a cat too:

Get fever,

Stop eating and drinking,

Experience balance problems, circling and spontaneously fall over.


Never make your cat’s ears clean themselves, and certainly not use cotton swabs.

When using cotton buds chances are you bigger damage.

The veterinarian makes always with many policies the ears clean; he can also prescribe antibiotics and ear salve.

If the ear infection keeps coming back can even be operated on.