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Medical – Illness – Cats Illness


Cats Illness

How do cats disease:

Cats disease is caused by the parvo-virus, the virus comes for all over the world and is the most deadly virus infection in the cat.

Cats can go up the virus through direct contact with animals or people infected, transmission of the virus goes through vomit and diarrhea.

The virus can remain infectious in the outside world quite long.

Sunlight death the virus, especially in rainy and cold conditions the virus rapidly over large surfaces (Pee and lawns).

Other cats be infected because they walk by the infected places and then wash, or e.g. to infected blades of grass or nibble from pools of water drinking.

Without treatment usually dies more than 90% of infected animals, in kittens is the mortality often 100%.

Also in cats can be infected because the boss takes the virus to the shoes inside.

The chance of infection for indoor cats is much smaller than for chasing cats outside.

Symptoms of distemper:

Cats disease may be associated with the following symptoms:


Reduced drinking and appetite,

Violently and often vomiting,

Diarrhea, sometimes with blood,

Severe abdominal pain.

Cat disease treatment:

Unfortunately, there is no medicine to cats to cure disease.

Depending on the resistance, age and severity of the infection can be deadly disease.

Especially kittens are there often class.

Interferon is a way for the survival rate can be extended, the disadvantage is that this medicine is very expensive.

Furthermore, the vet can prescribe antibiotics to prevent further infections, there may also be drugs prescribed to suppress the vomiting.

Prevent your cat cat’s disease gets:

Fortunately, you can your cat vaccinated against distemper.

The vaccine offers prevention and protects a cat 3 years.