Medical – Illness – Cat Fleas


Medical – Illness – Cat Fleas


Cat Fleas:

How did we start cat fleas?

The biggest nightmare for every cat lover is probably a flea infestation, the flea is a persistent parasite that rapidly multiplied and not so very easy to destroy.

The theorem of fleas is: you see a flea on your cat than this there has typically been 10, see you there 10 then you have seen how reproduction speeds are real plague can cause.

Fleas come in two types: the dog flea & the cats’ flea that despite their ” preference ” on both the cat and the dog can occur.

Even though this parasite lives preferably on your cat, however can also man a flea bite.

What do fleas?

Fleas are always looking for a host with whom she can eat; flea can deal of a saturated in the first phase of life all up to 50 eggs a day.

Thanks to the smooth fur of the cat attacking all that eggs on the ground (so in all places where your cat comes end up the eggs).

After a day or 4 are the larvae from the eggs, the larvae are about half an inch long and they will register as soon as possible all corners, crevices and holes clog.

After 2 to 3 weeks the larvae themselves pupate and here comes a new flea from, the period that the flea in the cocoon can depend on the temperature and humidity and may take up to a year.

Infection symptoms:

A cat that is infected with cat fleas can the following signs:

Small dark brown critters in the coat,

They scratch, bite and lick to fur,

The cat can spring up in one if they are bitten by a flea,

Fur loss, usually on the lower back,

Inflamed anal glands,

Scabs on the places where they have scratched,

Black grains in the fur.

If this be put on a white tissue they red-brown colors.

How did you get it?

Fleas you usually get if the cat regularly comes out and so ‘ ‘ pounced ‘ ‘ word by fleas that then go in your home fine.

Itself, people can also bring home the fleas if you are someone who suffers from eggs (in contrast to the smooth fur of a cat we offer if people only gripe for the eggs).

How to get there from:

The fight against fleas has more than just volatile with an aerosol by the various rooms to go.

To combat fleas, one should also think of cleaning the cabinets with clothing, bedding etc.

Also, don’t forget the cat not this should to be treated thoroughly and at a flea infestation is it better to have a pest control.

Unfortunately a flea infestation to solve in a day and not one will quickly a week or two after the treatment burden.

How do you keep fleas away?

It completely eradicate fleas is almost impossible, it regularly in order to limit combat and thus succeeds