Medical – Illness – Bladder Infection


Medical – Illness – Bladder Infection


Bladder Infection

Cats often suffer from a bladder infection, especially males, provide Kitty and fat cats suffer from it.

The bladder infection is usually caused by bladder stones, bladder stones or stress.

Bladder stones and bladder stones:

If there are too many salts in the urine may cause bladder stones or bladder stones.

The stones or the grit can cause an infection in the bladder or the urethra clog (this often occurs by eating certain food or a cat drink too little).

Hangovers can there more often suffer from it because they have a closer urethra.

Sometimes a cat also simply has a tendency for bladder stones.


Many cats have for unknown reason suffered from a bladder infection (also called idiopathic cystitis).

It is suspected that the bladder infection is caused by stress; cats can suffer from stress if there is things change in their environment (such as the arrival of a new Cat in the home or a move).

Indoor cats and overweight cats and cats that only dry food eats here above all suffer from.

Symptoms of bladder infection:

A cat with a bladder infection can suffer from the following symptoms;

Not or difficult (presses) pee,

Pools are small,

Drops of blood in urine,

In addition to litter box to pee,

More likely to litter box walk,

Meowing during urination because of the pain,



No more pooping,

Licking to tail,

Poor appetite.

If the veterinarian:

Go directly to the veterinarian if:

– The temperature of the cat above 39.5 degrees,

– There is blood in the urine,

– If the cat already 2 days no longer eat or drink,

– There has been more than 48 hours no bowel movement more,

– During urination much is squeezed.


It makes good sense to at a bladder infection to go to the vet, through a urinalysis can determine how severe the bladder infection is.

At a mild bladder infection the vet can prescribe a diet food or antibiotics and painkillers, at a violent bladder infection should be operated on.