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Games & Toys


Play is very important for a cat.

To boredom and annoying behavior, but also to the true nature of the cat as well as possible.

The cat is the most active in the morning and evening hours, which is also the best time to play.

For indoor cats, this is definitely important because they sleep, eat and wash, but so have no further interpretation of the day when the owner is not at home.

Anything that moves is attractive and it should be fun for everyone.

If you have a soft ball with rope lapping and attaches this to the cages, your cat has the ideal basis for the ‘ tear game ‘.

As filler material for the toy is confetti good to use.

Also you can use catnip as a fill in an old glove or a panty.

You can also be a wool or cotton bag fill with dried herbs and use a lace of leather as a tail.

The important thing is to never gift Ribbon or sewing thread to use as toys; this is way too sharp for the pads under the legs and for the mouth of the cat.

Cats love to play with it; also if you have a toy train or a car with trailer let drive they will want to play here.

Cats have a great appeal on small balls, sprinkles of coat, a toy what makes a noise.

Just look at to small kittens, then you will notice that male kittens more play than the female kittens.

A small hangover will try to take his play quieter little sister by her.

If you buy a cat tree it is not intended that you look at what beautiful color this one has but to the stability and what it has to offer for the cat.

A cat tree is for the cat a children’s play area but also a resting spot, so see if that this is also possible for the cat.

There are different types of cat trees from small to big but you should always take into account the space it into production.

Instead of a cat tree can also be a piece of carpeting on a piece of hardboard or plywood glued, put this be fine stuck to the wall.

It is wise if you this causes you on notice that the fibers of the flooring in the length direction (from top to bottom), also a coconut matting or a rush you to the wall tile can attach.

The cat will use this to barns and his nails to scratch.

Cats are often also very fond of dice and wood figurines, but note that they are not too small otherwise they can swallow this.

It is best to make the dice possibly itself from dust.

Also toys who at stretch elastic hang are very popular with cats.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on the elastic hangs, as long as it moves if the cat it touches.

Also an ordinary cardboard box for a cat can play a very interesting box, they can remind themselves for other cats, scratching and clog.

Also other toys you can often make themselves with used toilet rolls, please notice that you used that no harm to the cat material (no sharp edges).

Also find a toy tunnel cats very nice, on which exploit can also hide.


Mickey are playing


Minouska drinks water and plays in the tunnel


Safira plays with the mouse