Cat Breeds – D – E –


Cat Breeds – D – E –


Devon Rex


In 1960 it was found in the English County of Devon-shire a cat with a curly coat.

10 years earlier was also such a cat found in Cornwall, the first Cornish Rex.

The newly found cat and his descendants were initially then also crossed with the Cornish Rexes, because it was thought that it was an identical coat mutation went.

It soon became apparent this is a different kind of curly coat and it was decided the second coat mutation and call separately by breeding to the area where they come from.

The type of the first ever Devon Rex, a black male named Kirlee, was very special and featured a funny, IMP-like Cup and a moderate elegant body.

This cat represented the desired race-image, using many other cat breeds and pet cats was built up as the Devon Rex breed.


The Devon Rex is a pretty small cat with a slim, sturdy muscular body.

The chest is broad and the slim legs are long in proportion to the body, the hind legs are always longer than the front legs.

The feet are small and oval and the long, thin tail is pointed.

On a slim neck rest a wedge-shaped head with wide cheekbones, a strong Chin and a short muzzle.

The nose has a defined stop and forehead bends back to the flat skull.

The large ears are rather low, they have a wide base and rounded tip tapered in a walk.

The large almond eyes are widely spaced and are obliquely in the skull.

A Devon Rex is recommended as a pet for people who are allergic to cats, this because this very little exuviate.

Not all people will respond well to a Devon Rex as roommate, this because the fur there anyway something weirder look than other cats.

Kittens of the Devon Rex are generally scarce hairy, curly coat develops only later.



Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian Mau is a spotted race cat of a moderate Oriental type.

The breed is bred mainly in America since the late 1950s, originally taken from house cats from Egypt and the Near East.

The Russian princess Natalja Troubetskoy would have seen such a cat in 1953 at the Ambassador of Italy in Egypt, this one has her when a kitten.

The modern Egyptian Mau breed was originally bred on the basis of Egyptian domestic cats.

In the 50 ‘s of the last century took the original breeder breed to North America where they were later recognized as a race cat.

The cat is still rare in Europe.


Medium sized, uniformly built, similar to the Abyssinian.

Graceful body and well-muscled.

Wedge-shaped head with slightly rounded lines and no flat areas.

The ears are medium to large, standing well apart, wide at the base and with a pointed end.

The inside of the ears is short, just adjacent hairs occupied.

The eyes are large, almond shaped, slightly angled.

The eye color is bright green or gooseberry green/grape green (young kittens have amber eyes).

The hind legs are longer than the front legs, legs are muscular and feet are small and slightly oval.

The tail is medium long, broad at the base and slowly descending to the tip.

The coat is short, fine, silky, strong and just adjacent.

The coat is of course flocked (mockingly) tabby, dark circular spots are equal on the hull and the abdomen spread.

Striping on the limbs: M or scarab on the forehead, mascara lines on your temples and cheeks, rings on the tail, interrupted necklace and rings respectively on the chest and the legs.



European Short Hair


On the origin of the European short-hair is still all that confusion.

For 1982 there were two different types of cat breeds both of which carried the title ‘ European short-hair ‘ and had the same breed standard.

This is the European short-hair that was bred on the Mainland of Europe, the European short-hair arose from the breeding of short-haired farmer home cats from Scandinavia.

The first race of the Persian influences wore long hair, such as a shorter muzzle and a thicker coat.

To contrast of the Scandinavian short hair that these influence not bore.

To avoid confusion, the cats bond in 1982 decided to distinguish and separate breed standard.

Nowadays, the Scandinavian European short-hair the only cat that may yet carry this designation.

The related breeds are the British short-hair (UK) and the American short-hair (United States).


The European short-hair looks like a regular House-Garden-Kitchen-cat as you them in most of the villages and cities.

The coat is short, soft and shiny.

The coat should be close are contiguous and lie flat, an outstanding coat is not according to the breed standard.

The coat colors may only natural colors are: black, red, blue, cream or solid white.

The coat is easy to care for, just occasionally brushing to remove the excess hair.

European short-hair cats are medium in size with a buff body.

The legs are average length with round feet.

The tail is fairly thick at the base and tapers to the tip with a rounded tip.

The European short-hair has medium-sized upright ears with a rounded tip and a relatively large head with well-developed cheeks.

The head has a round shape, but certainly not as pronounced as at the British short hair.

The eyes are round and may have any color that came with the coat color fits, such as yellow, green or orange.

At White cats are the eyes often blue or in two colors.



Exotic Short hair


The Exotic short-hair is native to America.

Some American short-hair breeders wanted to what better silvers breeding.

In addition, could the American short-hair also use a somewhat firmer breast structure for a better look.

There were Silver Persians bred in the lines, from the combination of a press and an American short-hair came nice short hair kittens that the construction and had the type of a Press.

The kittens were selected In the first place that is most on the American short-hair type approached, there was further bred.

However, some breeders were such attracted by of the ‘ Persian ‘ short hair ‘ that came out of that combination in 1966, that they decided to have a breeding program for this ” new breed ” to set up.

The name for this breed was ” Exotic Short-hair ”


The ideal Exotic looks like a press, but with a short-haired coat.

It’s a very solidly built animal with a sweet head expression.

The big round eyes are wide apart in the round face and contribute to the roundness of the overall picture.

The thick, soft touch coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuate the round image.

The head is round and solid with a broad skull.

the nose is short and has a pronounced ‘ stop ‘ between the eyes.

The cheeks are full of shape with broad, powerful jaws.

The ears are small and rounded in shape; they are wide apart and low on the head.

The eyes are beaming with color, large, round and full.

They are right on the head and far apart so the head gets a sweet expression.

The body is compact and stocky; the cat is low on the short, sturdy thick, straight legs.

The chest is broad and deep and the cat has broad shoulders and a wide top line.

The feet are large, round and firm, the tail is short but matching the body implant and hairy with a rounded end.

The coat is dense, firm but soft feel and lush.