Care of the Cat – Teeth


Care of the Cat – Teeth


The teeth and maintenance

Diseases of the oral cavity:

Cats can not specify if they suffer from somewhere, so even if they suffer from their teeth.

If you pay attention you can sometimes itself it is discovered that something is going on, the cat can go as who suffers from his teeth drool or often draw back.

Most common problems in cats can be:


Broken off teeth,


Oral cavity inflammation or oral cavity tumors.

It may be that the cat already very long suffer from problems in its mouth, therefore, requires careful examination by a veterinarian regularly.

This can then discover this if there are problems in time.

Tartar is a serious problem, and should be treated.

Symptoms of tartar:

Cat stinks from his beak,

Brown or yellow deposits on the teeth and at the edges of the gums,

Inflamed gums (red edges to the gums).

Gums is withdrawn, you see the tooth necks,

CAT has no appetite,

Cat Drools a lot (mucus with blood),

CAT has trouble chewing,

The mouth cannot be closed,

Pain in the mouth (CAT scours with the leg along the jaw, or sand with the mouth on the ground).

Cats cannot say when they have pain.

If the cat with his beak along the leg sand or over the ground sand, tartar is already well advanced.

There should therefore be directly made an appointment with the vet to get worse.


Tartar prevention is of course best but unfortunately this is not feasible.

You can, of course, as much as possible, do to prevent Tartar, it is best to brush your cat’s teeth.

Most cats find it nothing that their teeth are polished and will not allow it, that is why it is important here to start from an early age.

Give your cat as little as possible and prefer to just enter soft hard feed.

By good to chew on it chewing hard food, they say their Tartar road.

There are also special chunks for sale with lots of fibers that the plaque, as it were, of the molars and teeth shrug off.

This feed also provides for extra enzymes, which the plaque.

Broken off teeth:

Comes with a broken tooth bone (dentin).

Also the root canal cavity (the Pula channel) can expose

In both cases a broken tooth sensitive to the animal.

If the broken tooth not in the short term is treated with a special filling the nerves of the tooth will die within a few days and then there’s probably just run a root treatment a possible treatment.

Sometimes even a Crown is necessary.

As such teeth are not treated chances on inflammation at the tip of the tooth root, in such an expansion, are looking for a way out the pus

Often the disease is discovered only at that moment.


It is important to realize that inflammation in the mouth the cause of inflammation somewhere else in the body.

The bacteria from the mouth can crash through the circulation in small blood vessels in the kidneys, the heart valves, the liver and the inter-vertebral discs.

The effects of a dirty mouth of the cat can be so severe, reason enough to stay ahead of problems in your cat’s teeth.

What to do in order to avoid all this?

Brushing teeth: with many cats, it is very possible the teeth, especially if we start at a young age.

Use a special toothbrush and toothpaste (which is intended for animals).

Special power supply:

There are chunks that are made those they the plaque from the teeth pass the buck.

They also provide an enzymatic cleaning of the teeth; this is a good alternative for cats as shine fails.


The regular check of the mouth by the veterinarian (at least at the annual inoculation)