Care of the Cat – Litter box


Care of the Cat – Litter box


The Litter box

The litter box is the toilet for the cat.

A cat that will ignore the bucket much outside, and outside his need do, but cats that many sit indoors, use the litter box as a toilet.

The bin is filled with grit, which absorbs the strong smelling urine.


Grit is the name for small stones, the designation is also used for small stones that serve as stuffing for the litter box, and it is made of certain types of clay (Mennonite – swell clay).

Litter box training:

No kitten likes to be alone, except when they go to the toilet.

They don’t even want you at that time to her looks.

It is therefore important that the litter box on a quiet, safe and easily accessible place.

Your cat will have to learn to use it.

Once you see that the need is high, grab your hair and put your hair into the bin.

Continue doing this until them himself is able to go off on the smell and so the bin.

A cat is, how young also, a clean animal and therefore it is important to use a good absorbent cat litter odors.

Keep the litter box clean:

Kittens love a clean litter box.

Indeed, if the bin is not clean, she will probably find another spot.

By the FRY to change at least once a day, do you avoid accidents?

Make sure her food and drinks far away State of the litter box and always keep children away from the bin.

Accidents happen…..

A dirty litter box is not the only reason for your kitten to her toilet behavior change.

Sometimes there is a psychological reason and she has more attention or is her territory changed.

This allows house-trained kittens suddenly change.

Young cats that are nearly sexually mature can also change their toilet behavior.

This can be prevented by spayed at an early age to them.

…. But not several times:

If your cat does need her in the wrong place by mistake, can encourage the smell her in the same spot more often.

So you will have to clean the place directly thoroughly with SOAP and water.

Do not use cleaners with ammonia because the smell of this resembles that of cat urine.

If everything is clean, she will take her usual behavior.

Cats are very clean animals that quickly learn how to use the litter box.

A kitten learns this by her mother after doing so.

If you do not know how they should use the bin kitten, you will have to help her a little.

A nudge in the right direction:

Pay close attention to the behavior of your kitten.

Maybe she reacts a bit nervous on the litter box or they forget where he stands.

As long as they don’t feel comfortable, you will have to help her.

You can also help by her s ‘ early morning, late night and after each meal in the bin.

If you do this a number of times, she will quickly have an eye on where the litter box for serves and they know where they should find it.

From itself, but not out of range:

It is important where you drop the litter box.

A little privacy and away from her basket and food bowl, but still easily accessible.

Otherwise they will have to figure out what the best place is.

Make sure her bake always clean, because a cat will not use a dirty, smelly bake.

Be careful with cleaning.

A too strong smelling detergent or a bin that suddenly not on the familiar spot State can disrupt her routine.