Behavior – Sounds


Behavior – Sounds



Cats make a low humming noises that we also called spiders.

It is for the cat a way to express all kinds of feelings, from anxiety to satisfaction.

In dealing with people is often a sign that they are satisfied or that they sometimes need help.

Spinning is produced by vibrations of the vocal cords, Queens use the spiders also as a communication medium between their self and the kittens.

Kittens can all spiders as they are 1 week old.

In addition to spinning can be a cat meowing Meow, growling, hissing, also, blowing, screaming, squealing, Wow teeth, moan and shake.

Meowing cat: what do you want to say?

A Queen ‘ talk ‘ with her kittens.

By a change in pitch gives them to that food is, that the kitten should come back or her must follow.

In adult cats, we hear this ‘ language ‘ actually ever again.

As adult cats communicate with each other are there usually loud and tense sounds used, the mouth remains open while the shape change in the meantime.

The sounds that the cat used to make its intentions clear are especially vowel like sounds, which the ‘ Meow ‘ in various variations like for example ‘ fabulous luxury stay. ‘ or ‘ mrriep ‘ has its own meaning.

On this special way let the cat know that they like to eat, or that they go out or just want some attention.

Each cat has its own range of words that fine in the family understood.

What ‘ words ‘ in cat language

Kittens have only one kind of sound, the sound ‘ rnieuw ‘ will determine the need of the need of the kitten.

In the first days of life is the sound soft, high and short.

But as the kitten gets older, the sound is more urgent.

Eventually it will create a more polite form of questions if something is ‘ a fabulous luxury stay. ‘, the mouth moves and the head goes back, but we hear no sound.

It’s a mimic movement without sound.

Adult cats already have multiple sounds that they make their wishes known.

Miauw-sound comes from the front part of the tongue, just as we Meow.

The cat used all of his life to command messages.

The cat looks at you while the demand is produced: soft pity really asking a series of sounds that sound than audible.

A bitten off, loud Meow sound is to say ‘ let me out ‘.

This sound can get a extra dimension in force when the cat really high need, on locked somewhere where that does not want to be in.

The sound is then high, long continued and repeated again and again until there is response.

A cat can also complain and this does that by an overriding Meow, but then laced with a klagelijke, descending melody.

A protest of a cat sounds more like a screaming child: a plaintive melody goes from high to low, with little conviction and lower its sound to the complaint.

If a cat you will be greeted with a mie-rrauw with muttered RS, you are particularly well regarded, this loving greeting indicates that you have a special bond with your cat.

The sound is a sign of deep intimacy.

Meaning sound:

Fabulous luxury stay.: request for food or attention

fabulous luxury stay. (without sound): polite request

meow: a what demanding request

MEOW: binding order for food or attention

mie-au-Ouch (falling in pitch): crying protest because the cat does not get what he wanted

MIE-Ouch (whining but s): more powerful protest

MYUP! (sharp, short show): noble indignation

MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! : cry for help in panic

mie-rr-Ouch (humming noise with up Melody): greeting of beloved person

Language of Queen for her kitten:

MIEAUW: ‘ eating ‘

mieAUW: ‘ join ‘

mie R-R-R-RAW: ‘ hide fast ”

mur RAW: ‘ no ‘ or ‘ should not ‘

mrriep: ‘ Hi, here I am ‘

For someone not so interested or just way not much of cats meowing, know all these sound exactly the same.

By the sounds with a tape recorder to record and with the exact description of the moment, one can soon sounds in height, rhythm, volume, intonation and pronunciation clear.

The best is, if you find that your cat has developed a very specific sound for you.

You can then hurry as a name, so special is that noise it is linked to your appearance.