Behavior – Social Behavior


Behavior – Social Behavior


Social Behavior

Cats are often taken as a pet because it is thought that a cat on his own fine saves.

If you look at the natural behavior of a cat then you will notice that cats actually all social animals.

Life In the wild cats in colonies, which consist of a Queen with her female offspring and their kittens.

Males leave the Colony as they come in puberty.

Then they go on to other cats the hurt groups to spread their genes.

Cats have so social contact with peers, find they often outside with the neighborhood cats.

A cat who only held could not contact with other cats (if not comes out).

A cat with no contact with other cats is social suffer, that is, not meeting his needs.

This can lead to loneliness and stress in the cat.

If a cat has these symptoms you can see this to inactivity and to behavior problems.

The behavior of a cat is almost always a form of natural cat behavior that an extreme form.

Scratching furniture is an example of this, also the frequent washing himself (so-called ‘ polishing madness ‘), leaving visible bald spots in the cat forms, falls below.

Permanent stress can also lead to uncleanliness, deviant eating behavior and aggression.

When purchasing a second cat, however, it is not advisable to use this so to do.

First, make sure your own cat is still providing enough social skills and to what type of cats he/she feels attracted.

To find this out than, for example, the cat goes out let go in a well groomed cats hotel.

Though one does well that the second cat who purchase one of the opposite sex is and of the same age.

If one introduces the new Cat to the own cat, the animals get enough time and space to get used to each other, if this happens too fast then the chances are it goes wrong and that the new Cat back.

If one of the two cats 1 has lost because the deceased is must take into account that the other cat a mourning period in excess of 6 months.

That gene got any cat has kittens like to want to purchase, and need two nest mates to take at least 4 months old.

The nest mates than from each other and from the Queen can learn how social behavior.

In this way, many behavior problems be prevented, because deviant behavior is most common in held only provide Kitty who are too young with their mothers are taken away.