Behavior – Relaxing


Behavior – Relaxing



Doze and sleep are difficult to distinguish from each other.

During most phases of the cat do the senses sleep half awake.

If a cat is deep asleep occasionally, then change the body posture, usually rolls that are than from one side to the other.

Some muscle parties can then contract, this can sometimes be associated with glee by the cat.

Often the cat dreams than if he were so.

During deep sleep, the eyes tightly shut and the ears are turned off.

The cat sleeping than so that not very gently against the ear-tips blows.

The only response from the cat could be that that in a reflex with his ear pulls.

This phenomenon is called paradoxical sleep phase and only takes about 6 minutes.

Like a cat in his sleep his belly shows is that the best proof of confidence in his caregivers.

The cat feels than very protected and know who feared nothing.

All cats are where we prefer to sit or lie down, they find this cosy and very familiar.

More than half of the cats does not wake up if there is a sudden noise is, if you’re the cat name mentions than they are awake and responding sometimes with a Meow in response that they have heard.

Gun the cat especially after eating a rest stop, a cat that just ate has wants rust to clean up and for a short NAP to promote digestion.

Cats oversleeping 40 to 60% of their lives. A cat sleeps on average 18 hours a day, this is spread over a long deep-sleep-period and a number of short siesta’s and what dommel parties.

A few hours a day is the cat working on body care, and half an hour to get the stomach to fill and half an hour for gymnastics and nail care.

The rest of the time is filled with hunting, play and attract attention at the caregivers.

Starting from about 1 to 5 years, however, they at least 4 hours less sleep.

If a cat gets up from his NAP, they will first extended yawn then slowly stand up and stretch the legs and body before they begin their walk easy dragging and.

They do this because they feel safe and not have to leave their sleeping place directly.

Because the House cat does not depend on the hunt need right away in parasitic round to go and so they may slow to wake up.

With the same calm cat can also go to sleep, they poke around here, turns and tries several times to a few positions from brushing his fur, get some and then goes again snuggle.

A cat stops the feet under the front legs when fully feel safe.

Here is the cat than actually totally defenseless.

Also the tail is curled by the cat to the body.

The epitome of safety indicates the cat by the head in the abdominal area.

This attitude also saves a lot of energy, because there is only a small part of the CAT are body lift.

The sleeps the cat should be warm.

In the winter the cats like to sleep together to keep warm.

Give your cat as this is only as replacement possibly a sleeping animal of real wool.

A place should be warm, high and soft for the cats (in this order).

Heat because they then little energy is required, height because they feel protected against potential enemies and then it’s also an ideal vantage point for their.

If the sleeping place also on a hole than there is for the cat to all requirements met.

An Aquarium for cats has a double attraction.

Through the glass they see the fish, which can lead to a swishing tail.

It can also lead to making noises because they love the bite what’s behind the glass swims and the lid is also for their a comfortable heat source and therefore an excellent place to feather.

The sound of the pump has also influence on the cat and this works soothing.

If your cat on a day longer sleeping or even his breakfast let alone then is that to the transition of the daylight saving time.

Cats have take time to get used to the new situation.

A cat is often just to sleep as a ferocious hunt or a wild game has done.

Because the effort here for needed the body temperature increases, try the cat on a hot day additional keeling.

They will then start the legs and stretch out as far as possible. The outside air cools the blood that flows through the legs and tail, so that the temperature after one hour has fallen again normal.