Behavior – Hygiene


Behavior – Hygiene



Cats are proverbially clean animals, they keep themselves clean and are very adept at.

Taking care of themselves is for the cat a part of the daily activities.

The instinct to wash is congenital, but despite that they are in the first few weeks of life in a kind of Polish school of their cats mother.

After 6 weeks the kittens for themselves and wash their fur.

To ensure that the dense coat is brushed good, used the cat her paws to help if they can reach a certain spot not with her tongue.

The small Forelegs function as real brushes.

A cat spends about 3 hours a day to the extensive body care, the hygiene is very important for them.

While cleaning the rough tongue stimulated the secretion of sebum, making the coat is impregnated and protected against water.

Make cats usually clean themselves for that they go to sleep, or after waking up.

By that the cat itself clean makes swallows the cat much loose hair in, this usually leave the body through the intestinal tract.

Like a cat in a short time many hairs gets inside there may be a hairball which they then again outbreaks.


The hairball in a cat can be prevented by regularly brushing properly and special anti-hairball cat grass to give sweets or give or the cat as oily fish (such as tuna).

Long-haired cats have a lot more experience hair balls than a short-haired cat.

If a cat does a hairball from vain attempts to vomit, there may be a clog.

This can be life-threatening.