Behavior – Hunting


Behavior – Hunting



Cats have an innate hunting instinct.

How good they are at home, their natural instinct put them there anyway to to hunt.

Cats are very movable: they can quickly short distances and they are very good climbers, they have a limited stamina.

Cats are usually not of water but they can will good swimming.

As they hunt than hunting them quietly in their prey by to sneak.

As they approached they pounce on the prey are close enough and captures the animal with his sharp teeth and claws.

Tend to the wounded prey with long to play is a means to defuse the prey without being injured if they are by biting defends.

The hunt is only meant to be a fun and exciting pastime.

There is a difference between a wild cat and a domestic cat as this hunting, the wild cat death and devours his prey but the House cat does not do this and explains the often for his handlers down as a thank-you for all the worries.

Although cats for over four thousand years living together with us, they still have the need to hunt.

Hunting is a property that your cat will never forget, and actually have that area, but it is fine that a cat shows his gratitude by giving you an gift.

Let your cat enjoy hunting, the booty don’t have real bird or mouse, toys also.

For example, care for a small little mouse that you can get excited and by the room can let it ride.

A little mouse to a rod that can move for both your cat yourself if for yourself a nice game.

Just make sure that the cat’s toy prey regularly can catch, so the cat has something to be proud of.

Play and get appreciation is very important for cats.

A outside-cat takes his trapped mice and birds bring home, they don’t do that to scare or annoy you; No they are proud of their performance and want to spoil you with it.

If you ignore the loot than does the cat that you know was not satisfied, and he takes the next time something much better to take home.

Then it may well be that you suddenly have a thicker mouse or a larger bird for your feet.

Would you like to prevent your cat just a prey animal may stalk?

Then make a call to his neck strap, then hear the mice, rats and birds the cat arrive and they have time to flee.

Keep in mind that Play and appreciation for a cat is very important.