Anathomy – Skeleton


Anathomy – Skeleton


The skeleton:

The skeleton of a cat consists of 250 bones.

Like all other carnivores (meat eaters) cats are equipped to hunting and devour them.

Cats have a pretty round head, short snout, large eyes, sensitive whiskers at the beak and sharp standing ears.

A cat has a long tail that he uses to stay in balance and at social communication.

The loco motor system is incredibly smooth with a flexible backbone, which cats are very limber.

Cats can join a trap as times they end up on the legs.        

To “to come together” should the Cat get the space and time to times.

1 Skull2 Cervical vertebrae3 Hyoid bone

4 Shoulder blades5 Chest vertebras6 Pisiform

7 Lumbar vertebrae8 Sacrum9 Tail vertebrae

10 Ilium11 Upper legs12 Fibulas

13 Tibias14 Heel bones15 Tarsal bones

16 Metatarsal bones17 Meniscuses18 Ribs

19 Rib cartilages20 xiphoid Appendix of sternum

21 Metacarpal bones 22 Carpal bones23 Ulnar head

24 Ulnas25 Radiuses26 Hummers