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History of the cat:

The domestic cat as we know it today is descended from the North African wild cat (felis libyca salmon).

The reason why these cats species is domesticated, is because its European counterparts not so like near came from people.

By a passive role in the domestication of the wild cat they could to make this House cat, this in contrast to the domestication of a wolf to a dog, which the people much more had to be more active.

What does domestication actually say; domestication is the process by which humans breed animals and such properties change so that it’s becoming more and more to reflect the life close to the people.

However, it is not known when the first cats are domesticated.

Probably this is happening in Egypt, 5000 years BC.

The archaeological finds found date back 2000 years BC, it is believed that the cat had been kept as a pet was.

There are in a tomb from that period a number of mummies of cats found, also there are different figurines and paintings found in Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians were very fascinated by the wild cats and they had seemingly fun in to tame them.

Of the wild cat they were very intrigued because her eyes a different color on names like the position of the Sun changed, it seemed as if her eyes light in the dark.

As a result, the inhabitants of Egypt believed that the cat the world save for total darkness, they took the animal in house as ‘ Guardian Angel ‘.

The wild cat got through her hunting lustiness property also wade ring of the Egyptians, it came for their useful in connection with the construction of large grain inventory every year.

By flooding of the Nile happened regulated that the harvest failed, and so there was a scarce stock on-hand that so was vital for the Egyptians.

The cat was there than to the stock to protect against pests like mice and rats.

Slowly the cat began to be increasingly important for the Egyptians, the cat was in the guise of the goddess Bastet even the center of the religion of that time.

The cats were from then on protected animals, they were sacred and who killed a cat was severely punished.

After the death of the cat was showing a great deal of respect, some cats are even embalmed and mummified, so they also would get the eternal life.

Also for the Romans were cats very important, they regarded them as protector and guardian of their belongings.

In Asia the cat was known early on, especially in China, Japan and Siam, here they were revered as Temple animals by the monks that they cared.

The worship of the cat goddess evolved gradually.


Around the beginning of our own era had the religion all followers in Europe, with the advent of Christianity came to an end to the worship of the cat: all pagan religions were banned.

The Cat got a whole other role allocated: the cat was seen as a companion of the devil and witches.

During the witch persecutions ended up not only the Witch and her cat on the stake, the cat was then generally black.

In the fourteenth century reached the Witch and cat hunting her highest point.

By the Crusades came an end to the damnation of the cat, the Crusaders names of their tours namely rats more back that very dreaded diseases were found to spread: the plague.

They had to so as soon as possible to destroy the rats again see and here it turned out that the cats were very excellent equipped for this task.

Although there are in that time of cats already far more persecution was, it would still be well over one hundred years before the cat back in would be restored.

In England was only in 1871 the first cat exhibition organized.


In zones of Europe and America is the popular belief that if a black cat crosses your path that this accident about your demands, the black cat on you walked the luck.

In England brings a black cat and a white cat accident, luck in China is a black cat also be a sign of misfortune (here is the black cat considered a warning), so that one extra good must pay attention.

A cat that is too close to our mouth, the breath from our body can vacuum off.

The taste of the mouth is a behavior that cats exhibit at species and in humans, which they regard as a kind of companion animal psychologically.

A cat who dies in your House or move to your new address, would bring bad luck.

A cat that is about the nose strokes is a harbinger of pleasant visit, following the motto: ‘ if the cat washes itself, there will be a guest unexpectedly ‘.